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Romantical Podcast

Mar 18, 2019

What is romance going to look like in the future? How can we get to a better place where deep connections are made more easily? In this episode, Francesca and Saskia have a fascinating conversation with matchmaker and style icon Amy Van Doran.

Amy takes a break from interviewing the coolest singles in NYC to chat with us about the state of modern dating, being part of the solution of our modern love crisis, who anti-vaxxers should (and shouldn't) date, and the future of love. She breaks down why dating is so hard right now, how to be your own matchmaker and more!

More about Amy:

Amy Van Doran has interviewed over 10,000 humans one at a time in person about their love lives. She is the a professional matchmaker and CEO of the Modern Love Club an art gallery and matchmaking agency in the East Village. She's been profiled in Vogue, VICE and far too many other publications to list here! 

Connect with Amy: (Single people! Sign up here to get in Amy’s rolodex.)

IG: @amyvandoran

IG: @modernloveclub

If you’re in NYC, Amy’s art gallery is open to the public weekends from 12 noon to 7pm - 156 1st Avenue New York, NY.

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About us! 

We are fun, vulnerable, sex-positive, self-love advocates. We’re dating experts, which sounds like a made-up thing, but actually we’re legit. Like “started the world’s first dating photography agency and invented a new genre of photography” legit. (We’re looking at you, Saskia Nelson!)

Like “is an internationally recognized dating coach, writer and speaker who you might have seen talking love on The Today Show multiple times” legit. (We see you, Francesca Hogi!)

When Saskia isn’t running her international (UK + US) and award-winning company, Hey Saturday, she’s living her best life in London with her boyfriend of 10 years.

When Francesca isn’t buying a new houseplant (seriously - she has a problem), she’s coaching extraordinary people to live the extraordinary lives they dream of from her home base in Los Angeles.

We hope you love our podcast as much as we do! We’ve put our hearts into it and we hope you can feel the love. xoxo