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Romantical Podcast

Mar 22, 2019

Would you date completely inappropriate partners just for the story of it all? It's an art our guest this week has perfected, and she has the laugh out loud stories to prove it! Corinne Kaplan - podcast host (@ATFixins), two-time Survivor contestant and prolific dater is filter-free, and on the show this week sharing her dating disasters, her extremely ineffective dating criteria, and loving yourself enough to be single! 

Francesca (@dearfranny) flies solo this week and laughs non-stop with her hilarious and 1-of-a-kind friend Corinne. They discuss couples on social media, Valentine's Day, friends with benefits and Corinne’s adventure-based approach to dating.

Plus:@theslumflower, What A Time To Be Alone by Chidera Eggerue, How To Be Alone by Lane Moore, Tinder Live, You Are Enough by Mandy Hale, Theranos scammer Elizabeth Holmes, Meghan Markle's new accent, Dating 101 at Boston College, @thomasrhettakins, and more!

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About us! 

We are fun, vulnerable, sex-positive, self-love advocates. We’re dating experts, which sounds like a made-up thing, but actually we’re legit. Like “started the world’s first dating photography agency and invented a new genre of photography” legit. (We’re looking at you, Saskia Nelson!)

Like “is an internationally recognized dating coach, writer and speaker who you might have seen talking love on The Today Show multiple times” legit. (We see you, Francesca Hogi!)

When Saskia isn’t running her international (UK + US) and award-winning company, Hey Saturday, she’s living her best life in London with her boyfriend of 10 years.

When Francesca isn’t buying a new houseplant (seriously - she has a problem), she’s coaching extraordinary people to live the extraordinary lives they dream of from her home base in Los Angeles.

We hope you love our podcast as much as we do! We’ve put our hearts into it and we hope you can feel the love. xoxo