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Romantical Podcast

Feb 25, 2019

Saskia (@saskia_nelson) and Francesca (@dearfranny) are joined by extra special guest Demetrius Figueroa (@demetriussays) of A Mighty Love podcast (@AMightyLovePod) and blog to dish out the best dating and love advice in response to listener questions. 
Francesca Hogi is an internationally recognized dating and life coach based in Los Angeles. She’s the least successful contestant in the history of the CBS reality TV show Survivor, an adjunct coach at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and is like a cat lady, but with plants.

Saskia Nelson is the award-winning creative genius behind Hey Saturday, the world’s first dating photography agency. After years of online dating, she met her boyfriend of 10 years online and decided to combine her passion for creativity with her expertise in dating to create the new genre of online dating photography.


Demetrius Figueroa is the writer, editor, and founder of the A Mighty Love. Demetrius has spent 10+ years dating in New York, both online and offline, building experience to offer people with straight-forward advice dating, sex, and relationship advice. He’s seen it all, and that knowledge helps him to give objective, honest advice.

His advice has been featured on: All Things Considered, Bustle, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, DragonFruit, The Guidance Girl, Online Dating University, ToiTime, Digital Romance, First Date Purgatory, and Date Daily.

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